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23 March 2009 @ 04:36 pm
I have all this week off which although will be absolute bliss, I know it will fly by incredibly quickly. Especially if, like today, I spend it in bed doing absolutely nothing. Hopefully, the weather tomorrow will improve and I can enjoy some London sunshine!! I'm heading home on Wednesday and staying up in sunny Yorkshire until Sunday. My mum wants me to go through all of my stuff back home..... dunno whether I'm dreading it or looking forward to it. I might end up finding some hidden treasures in the loft! My sister, Shona messaged me on Facebook earlier and suggested we do something like shopping or a seaside trip which would be lovely.

I don't know if I ever really mentioned my sister much in here. We never really used to get along, especially when I first moved out to uni. We fought like cat and dog in the holidays, but after I came back from my year in Germany and France, we both seemed to have grown up. I'm 23 and she's now 20 and that three year gap seems to have massively shrunk. It is really nice though as, no-one else quite gets you the same as your family. My little brothers are growing up crazily fast too. I have an alarmingly similar music taste to my 12 year old brother, Jordan. In fact, we're alarminly similar in lots of way as everyone seems to keep pointing out!

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08 March 2009 @ 01:29 pm
my last attempt at trying to start this up again didn't go too well! one entry.... well here goes this attempt.

so, i'm now living in London. i managed to get a job two days after i graduated. i'm working for a travel company who basically organise and operate tours for japanese people across europe. i started off being the department dogsbody, but now i'm actually in charge of my own tours which is a bit scary. at times, it's not the most intellectually stimulating or best paid but i enjoy and it's all experience for the tourist industry, which is for the moment, the direction i want to take. i get to use my languages without them being the sole focus for my job.

life is london is ok. i miss my friends living two minutes away and i do find everything so expensive but the shopping is good and there's always something going on. furthermore, i could not have moved home after uni..... the whole thought of it almost brings on a panic attack! don't get me wrong, i love my family to pieces but i love my freedom and independance.

hhhmmmm that's basically it at the moment. i'm having a lazy day today, and not really moving from my bed (i will attempt the supermarket later as i'm starting to get hungry). i went to matter at the 02 arena on friday night as hospitality records were hosting. i was a bit wary as i like the occasional drum and bass but i wasn't sure if i could take a whole night. however, it was AWESOME i absolutely loved it!! i just danced and danced and danced and eventually got home at 5:30am yesterday!! here's a couple of choice photos


matter @ 02Collapse )

i also agreed to move in with vicky again on friday night. i do really want to as i miss living with her sooooo much. last year was such jokes, i'm just worried about the location. the flat's in bromley so for work it's easy, but i'm liking being in central london for nights out. however, the people i go out with the most are vicky and parita (who also lives in bromley) so a cab between people will really not be that bad. hmmmmmm i think it will be best decision to move though as living with strangers, as nice as they are is not too great and rent is cheaper.......
anyway enough of me going on....
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06 July 2008 @ 08:44 pm
i'm thinking of resurecting this... although, as yet i am undecided.
a lot has changed since my last entry over a year ago, in a good way though

i'm single for what feels like the first time in forever and i've just finished uni (2:1 YESSS!!!!)

so yeah... that's me
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27 February 2007 @ 11:51 pm
so here i am, on my last night in germany! what a six months it's been, filled with some good memories, mine and harriets random nights out getting drunk and chatting to randoms and trying on the most god awful outfits we can find! there are also times i'd rather forget but we won't dwell on those!

my last week has been pretty boring actually, not a lot really been happening apart from packing which has been a nightmare -lol- how did i end up with so much stuff?! but i'll go on to that later! last friday, harriet came out of rehab and i went round to hers and spent the day there, watching crappy shows on mtv whilst pigging out on all the food she got given whilst in hospital! fun times! she flew home on saturday to finish recouperating there - i can't believe i won't see her until august unless i either come back to hamburg or she comes out to paris, but we'll see! i'll definately miss her, it's such a shame that we didn't know each other during the first two year of uni.

saturday, sunday and yesterday were mainly spent running around clearing my room out and having screaming fits at my suitcase for not being able to fit everything in! i ended up sending some home by dhl instead as it means i don't have to lugg it to the airport and i don't have to pay £5 for every extra kilo. i sent 7kg and it was only €22 and will get there in 3 or 4 days so that's not too bad. my case weighs at the moment about 27kg which means paying £35 extra baggage but i love my stuff and i can't leave it -lol- i'm definately gonna try and be more minimalistic when i go to france!

today i my second to last day at school which was a little sad really, i am gonna miss some of the kids. i made the mistake of giving them my email address so i'm gonna have loasda random german kids adding me to msn! one teacher bought some german gossip magazines - the equivalent to heat, closer etc which i was excited about as i've been too skint myself and stand reading them in the shops! it made me laugh though cos on in one of the magazines, on the worst dressed pages, it had hannah from hollyoaks, they don't even have hollyoaks (so wish they did though) in germany so she's not even really famous - it made me chuckle! then this afternoon, some of the teachers at my school took me out for dinner which was lovely! they bought me a big book of hamburg too filled with beautiful pictures and the texts in the book are in french, german and english - how appropriate -lol-

i think that is about it really! i have school in the morning 8:50am until 10:45am and then gotta sort a few last things out before leaving for the airport at about 2pm-ish. i don't fly until 5:50pm but i need to be there early - i'm paranoid i'll miss it, plus waiting around at the airport makes it more real that i'm actually going home! andy is meeting me at kings cross station and i really can't wait to see him - so much so that i'm counting the hours -lol- at the moment it's 21!

mel xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox

days until my whole year abroad is finished: 154
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23 February 2007 @ 01:17 am
i really shouls be asleep seeing as i'm up at 8am tomorrow for school but i'm not tired and i felt like updating. i've been meaning to do it all week but i never got round to it, probably 'cos it seemed pointless as i don't really have much to write about!

i went to see harriet last saturday at her rehab centre which was fun, it was good to catch up - i miss her, going shopping and trying on the most ridiculous outfits we can find, and going on our infamous nights out, i'm so glad we're at the same uni so we can carry on the fun into fourth year! she's coming out of rehab tomorrow and i'm going round to hers for the day to pig out and watch crap telly but most importantly to gossip and bitch -lol-

school has been ok this week. my mentor drives me crazy though. on tuesday i was with the 5th class which is 10 and 11 year olds and she gave me the text book and said "we're learning about clothes today can you do some warm up exercises whilst i quickly go to the staff room and get something." so i just explained to them what we were doing and told them what articles of clothing were what etc. and then played a game where they put their hands up if they were wearing a jumper or a t-shirt. my mentor was ages and i was running out of ideas. she eventually came back though and critized everything i did, saying very loudly that i needed to write things on the blackboard, i needed them to do repetition. so i wrote the vocab on the board and then my handwriting wasn't clear enough. i could've screamed, well when you tell me two minutes before the lessons what to do, i'm not going to be best prepared. and then at the end of the lesson, she started telling me about what the best teaching methods as if i should know them, but i've had no teacher training so i'm not aware!!! i said well, i didn't really enough time to think of what i was going to do with them, and i wasn't aware of the best methods because i haven't had any training, i wasn't rude, i told her politely, but i don't think she was best pleased at my answering her back -lol-

it's not always as bad as that though. today i had my last lesson with class 8a and the teacher had bought me this really nice magazine on hamburg and they gave me a card which they'd all signed, bless them! it's quite sad in a way to leave, i've really enjoyed working with some of the kids and most of the teachers have been great! i do feel i am ready to move on though, life here is getting too tedious!

i've been packing the last couple of days and i have so much crap, seriously, i don't know how i've accumulated it all!! i'm gonna go over my baggage limit of 20kg for definate! when i go to france, it's ok because we are travelling on a bus down to dover and then on the ferry so there are no restrictions as such -lol- i can't believe in two weeks i'll be in france - it's too scary to think about, but i'm looking forward to it too, just a bit nervous that's all.

i'm feeling a bit weird at the moment. andy went out last night and there's pictures on facebook so i had a look and don't get me wrong there's nothing bad about them, he's just having a good time which is why i'm feeling weird. i dunno, course i don't want him to be sad but at the same time sometimes it's hard seeing him have such a good time when i'm not there -lol- i know he misses me, and i know that just because he's having fun, doesn't mean he feels any less for me 'cos it's the same for me, i go out with my friends and have a laugh and a good time but it doesn't mean i don't miss him. argh - just ignore i'm being daft and just feeling a bit homesick!! plus, it's the time of the month (course you wanted to know!) so i'm feeling more emotional than normal!

i'll end with some pics...

pictures of when i went home and last week!Collapse )
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15 February 2007 @ 08:10 pm
god, i'm so bored. i'm sick of germany now i'm so glad i've only got 13 days left! it's really dragging though. i think the reason i'm so bored and fed up here is because harriet is in hospital so i've had noone to go out with and meet up with.

in some ways, i can't believe how quickly my time here has gone. but then it also feels like i've been here forever! on the whole i have enjoyed it, and i've got some fantastic memories of my time here but at the same time i'm glad to be leaving and i'm glad this chapter of my life is almost done with. i've just gotta get france outta the way now. another 5 months in which i'll be living away from home. i'm feeling quite nervous about going. i'm worried i won't make friends, i won't like where i live, i can't do the job etc. deep down, i know that once i get there i'll love it - on paper it sounds like a fantastic opportunity, tour operator in paris. i'm organising and giving tours in and around paris, what is there to compain about?! i dunno, i guess it's normal to be a bit apprehensive and nervous. i tell you what though, i can't until august when i'm back in the uk for good.

school has been ok the past couple of days. i haven't really been doing anything interesting. i just turn up and help if they need me which is hardley ever! i've only got one lesson tomorrow which i'm glad about because i can't be bothered -lol- i can home and go straight back to bed!!

yesterday was quite a good day. it didn't feel like valentine's day though. andy has sent me a card but i haven't received it yet. i keep checking the post like a maniac but still nothing. i met up with huw for a drink because we hadn't seen each for ages. we went for a beer in alex and just caught up. he's leaving germany and going back to wales tomorrow 'cos he's just not enjoying himself. he's spoken to his year abroad tutor at uni and he said that he's fulfilled his uni requirements. i think he's basically just chucking it off cos he can't be bothered anymore. he basically has two weeks to go, then the schools break up for two weeks and after that, he's only got two and half months left. i don't see the point in giving up at this point. fair enough i he really isn't enjoying himself but he's not having that crap of a time, i just don't think he can be bothered anymore. i'm probably just bitter cos i've got another five months before i'm finished! we decided to go on a harbour boat trip too so we did that but it got a bit boring after a while so we just sat in the bar bit of the boat!

i think that's me all updated.

days until i go home: 13
days until i'm back for good: 166
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12 February 2007 @ 07:37 pm
well, i think i'm long overdue an entry! sorry i haven't been around much lately and i will try and catch up on my friends page and comments today and tomorrow. the readon i've not been on is because andy was here in hamburg from the 26th january until the 1st february and then from then until yesterday, i was back in england!

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24 January 2007 @ 09:49 pm
Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

1) I'm really funny about wearing all my clothes an equal number of times, so i always wear what is at the front of my wardrobe and when i've done my laundry, i put those to the bottom of the pile, and so on and so on. i hope that makes sense!

2) i always try and read my current book and magazine equally, so if i read my book for ten minutes, then i have to read my magazine for ten minutes

3) i have a fear of crossing over roads, incase i get run over - i really don't know where this came from.

4) i was born 6 weeks premature

5) i don't drink tea or coffee and the majority of people think i'm weird for this especially here in germany!

6) i used to play netball as goalshooter and loved it but gave it up when i left school

7) for three years in a row (5,6 and 7) i got 100% attendance at school and i won best student for a level german at my college

8) i have worn glasses for short sightedness for 11 years

9) apart from when i was born, i have never had an overnight stay in a hospital and i've never broken a bone. i've also never had chicken pocks.

10) i still sleep with a teddy bear and get anxious if they aren't there.

i can't think of 6 people who haven't already been tagged so i'm just gonna tag everyone on my friends list :)

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21 January 2007 @ 05:30 pm
i haven't done a lot since i last wrote. yesterday i went to the hospital to see harriet again. she was looking better again but still in loads of pain. i met her parents too who seem really nice, they also explained what was happening regarding everything as when ever we visited there weren't really and doctors about. i'm not going today for two reasons really. one, i needed a break. it might sounds selfish but it takes it out of you. it's an hours travel for me there and back and then sitting for two hours. i get faint sometimes too, when they are given her the injections and prodding with the tubes. i have to go to the toilet and cool down. i'm just not very good with hospital. i feel really guilty though. the second reason is that i thought she'd want some time alone with her parents. i'm going tomorrow though.

i haven't really done a lot today, i just tidied and hoovered my room. i've still got my desk to sort out but i thought i'd leave it until tomorrow! germany is so boring on sundays. there is nothing to do as nothing opens, not even the corner shop -lol- also, i just want sit in front of the telly watching the hollyoaks omnibus followed by the eastenders one and then have one of my mum's sunday roasts! that would be heaven - that is what i'll be doing this time two weeks when i'm back home again! the weather is so crap at the moment too. i checked the five day forecast earlier and even the highs are going to be in the minuses!!

i think i'll leave this here as i've clearly got nothing of importance to talk about. andy will hopefully be here on friday and it's only 11 days until i'm home and 38 until i'm finished in germany for good. i've just got 5 months in france to go after that..... why does this year abroad feel so neverending.....

love and kisses
mel xoxoxoxoxoxo
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19 January 2007 @ 04:56 pm
i did mean to write a lot sooner but things have been a bit mad since i've been back here in germany.

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